Ordering Online

We are sorry for the inconvience, however we currently do not have an online booking system. We are currently working on a fast and convenient system for you to order your food online. As soon as we have activated a system which enables customers to place an order, we will inform all and place a notice on the homepage. Please contact us, for further infomation regarding this matter.

Delivery Services

Bury Kebab & Pizza House happily announces a delivery service to their customers. Home Delivery is FREE to customers who spend £7.50 within a 3 mile radius. (A map to show what is meant by the 3 mile radius). For a 4 mile radius you must spend £15.00 or more to get FREE delivery and for a 5 mile radius you must spend £20.00 or more. Delivery times are from 4pm till Midnight.

Unfortunately things do not always go to plan, therefore weather and traffic conditions occasionally prevent us from achieving our typical delivery time for customers within a 3 mile radius which is usually 30-45 minutes.